USS Reprisal

NCC-1896 Sovereign Class Cruiser

 Crew Guidelines

· Ranks and titles should be observed, especially in public and at events.

· Everybody takes on some responsibility. EVERYBODY can and MUST contribute in some way.

· No one person is charged with doing “everything”. NO ONE is left with a major task that requires help and does not get any.

· People MUST apply for positions. All members MUST hold a position. No unassigned members. Applying for a position is a membership requirement.

· Department heads are responsible for a newsletter article each quarter. Department heads must report to their respective RDC.

· People must understand what it means to be a part of something, such as the Security Team, and make an effort to help, and understand the method of doing said activity.

· No dead weight. Being a Star Trek fan and SFI member will be a membership requirement

· No drinking at meetings or events. We are a family-oriented club and have chosen not to have that sort of thing at our functions. Conventions and summits are not  included in this, but you need to consider the image that you are projecting in public.  Drinking at meetings or events will result in loss of position, demotion or both. Second offense will result in the offending person being suspended from chapter functions. Third offense will result in dismissal from the chapter pending Disciplinary Board hearing.

· Un-seemly language needs to be reserved for times other than meetings

· Everyone should have a costume or uniform of some sort.

· Uniforms must be worn properly, or not at all. Correct pants, shoes, rank insignia, etc.

· When in public, be a professional representative of the Revelation and SFI.

· Be understanding of everyone’s need to be away at times and attend to family and real life matters

· Give your suggestions and ideas- this will make a huge difference in what the club does and how much fun people have. We don’t need to put a ton of effort into one activity when someone has a better idea that we could concentrate on!

· Look for that sense of family that we have experienced on other chapters in the past

· Leave the drama at home. It drives off members and turns off potential members.

· Be respectful when calling other members and sending texts. Not everyone has unlimited plans. Be mindful of the time that you call as well. As a general guideline, do not call after 9pm

· Be respectful when sending e-mail. Do not start “flame wars” or participate in them. Remember that people can not always  understand your meaning in e-mail so be clear and consise

· Help set up and/or host meetings

· Help meeting hosts set up or clean up for meetings- possibly establish a meeting set up and meeting clean up list or crew.

· Members will be free to offer prayer at meetings if they so choose. Members will also be free not to participate in prayer if they so choose.

· The goal is to have fun in the spirit of Star Trek fandom.

EVERYONE is welcome! The Revelation will be a family-friendly chapter, welcoming members of all faiths and walks of life. Many of our members are Christians, but we will not seek to force our faith on anyone. We look at this as an opportunity for everyone to be able to be themselves without fear of persecution or ridicule!


The Revelation Maxims

Show mercy to those who wish to do us harm

Pick up the ball for others when it is dropped, without being told to do so

Do not be afraid to express your opinion

Help others when you don’t have to

Don’t be selfish with your time

We stand up for each other and our ship

We make no enemies, only friends


The STARFLEET Officer’s Code of Conduct

· I will always behave in a manner which brings credit to the Fleet, my ship, and myself.

· I will always praise in public and critique in private.

· I will show courtesy to my subordinates, fellow officers, and superior officers at all times.

· I will never assume, but always verify.

· I will be resolute in the performance of my duty and the

execution of Fleet policy and regulation.

· I will always defuse confrontations, not cause.

· I will listen to both sides of a dispute and act upon fact, not innuendo.

· I will strive for impartiality and fairness in judgment and disqualify myself from decisions where my judgment may be compromised.

· I will be the first to praise, the last to criticize.

· I will always strive to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.


USS Revelation Mission Statement

To fight the good fight; To run the race; To keep the faith 


And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

Revelation 19:11