USS Reprisal

NCC-1896 Sovereign Class Cruiser


CONSTITUTION 1st EDITION (July 14, 2009)



We, the members of the USS Revelation (NCC-63551), a chapter of STARFLEET International, in order to provide a social organization in which persons of various backgrounds with similar interest can promote the visions of Gene Roddenberry as set forth in the Star Trek Universe, and to support this endeavor through service to community, social functions and creative input, do hereby establish this constitution for the chapter USS Revelation.


Definitions Used in This Document:

The USS Revelation NCC-63551, a chapter of STARFLEET, the International Fan Association, is based upon 'STARFLEET' as depicted in the television series, motion pictures and literature. This Chapter shall operate within the Star Trek Universe to enhance the experience and fun of membership. Listed below is terminology that is interchangeable within the organization:

 Chapter -Commissioned Starship or vessel (referred to as ship)

Chapter-in-training – Shakedown cruise

Chapter/Chapter-in-training President- Commanding Officer (CO)

Chapter/Chapter-in-training Vice President- First (or Executive) Officer (XO)

The President of the organization- Commander, STARFLEET (CS) or the Fleet Admiral

The Vice President of the organization- Vice Commander STARFLEET or the Vice Fleet Admiral (VCS)

IG- Inspector General

JAG- Judge Advocate General

SFI, Fleet- STARFLEET International




Any individual seeking membership in the Revelation shall be awarded said membership so long as they agree to all mandates set forth in this document, and all subsequent addendums. Membership shall be open to all persons without regard to age, race, sex, religion, disability, or national origin. All members shall be classified as either "Active Duty" or "Associate Member". Only crewmembers of Active Duty status are considered voting members within the chapter. Active Duty memberships are for those members that have joined STARFLEET International and are assigned to the USS Revelation as a member. Associate membership designates those members that are STARFLEET members, but are assigned to another chapter or are unassigned. Any member of the crew may leave upon his/her discretion, preferably after written notification. Any Donations, dues, or monies are non-refundable.

The USS Revelation requires that all its members join STARFLEET within 6 months or joining the chapter. Failure to do so may result in removal from position, suspension of duty or release from the chapter. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed by the command staff on a case-by-case basis.


Individuals who wish to become members of the USS Revelation must be sponsored for membership by a current member in good standing and must attend at least one business meeting of the Revelation. All member candidates must be voted on by the crew. Any candidate who receives a simple majority of crew votes cast will be considered a member in good standing.


Former Revelation members who wish to re-join the crew will be allowed to do so and are subject to a vote by the crew. A simple majority vote is required for reinstatement.


Members of other Starfleet chapters who wish to transfer to the Revelation shall be voted on as any new member and will be asked to sign a statement agreeing that the Revelation did not recruit them and a copy shall be sent to the commanding officer of the applicant’s former chapter.


Only Active duty members may serve on the command staff or as a department head. This requirement may be waived at the discretion of the Commanding Officer.




Ranks awarded to Revelation members as described in the current membership handbook of STARFLEET International are fictitious and serve only to reflect a member's length of time in, and contribution to the chapter. These ranks do not give any member authority over another member. Positions assigned to a member may give that member responsibility to administer the assigned duties of that post. However, NO ONE has the right to misuse said responsibilities granted by the command staff to violate another members legal rights.


Time in Grade/Point Requirements:

Fleet / Marine Grades

Enlisted Grades

·         E-1 Crewman Recruit/Private- Initial Entry

·         E-2 Crewman Apprentice/ Private First Class- 1 Month/10 points

·         E-3 Crewman /Lance Corporal- 2 Months/20 points

·         E-4 Petty Officer Third Class/Corporal- 3 Months/30 points

·         E-5 Petty Officer Second Class/Staff Sergeant- 6 Months/40 points

·         E-6 Petty Officer First Class/Staff Sergeant- 12 Months/50 points

·         E-7 Chief Petty Officer/Gunnery Sergeant- 18 Months/75 points

·         E-8 Senior Chief Petty Officer/First Sergeant- 24 Months/100 points

·         E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer/Sergeant Major 36 Months/150 points

Officer Grades

·         O-1 Ensign/Second Lieutenant- OTS Completion*

·         O-2 Lieutenant (junior grade)/First Lieutenant- 6 Months/175 points*

·         O-3 Lieutenant/Marine Captain- 12 Months/200 points *

·         O-4 Lieutenant Commander/Major- 18 Months/300 points**

·         O-5 Commander/Lieutenant Colonel- 24 Months/400 points**

·         O-6 Captain/Colonel- 36 Months/500 points***

*OTS Required

**OCC Required

***Upon approval from Regional Coordinator and 36 Months minimum time in Fleet



All Courses

·         10 points-Pass; 20 Points-Honors; 30 Points-Distinction


·         STARFLEET and SFMC international awards 100 points

·         Regional Annual and SFMC Brigade Awards 50 points

·         Chapter Annual Awards 25 points


·         SFI/SFMC International Conference 50 points

·         SFI/SFMC Regional Summits 30 points

·         Sci-Fi Conventions representing SFI/SFMC 25 points

·         Sci-Fi Conventions 20 points

Working at an event

·         SFI/SFMC 5 points/hr

·         Other events 2 points/hr


·         Renewal - annual 50 points

·         Recruiting - 25 points per new SFI member recruited

·         Recruiting - Chapter only 10 points

·         General/Executive Meeting attendance 10 points




·         Additional points may be awarded at the CO and Command Staff’s discretion.

·         Time in grade plus points must be accumulated to be eligible for promotion.

·         Limit of two promotions per year allowed.

·         There will be two promotion review periods per year, April and October. Flag rank promotions may be reviewed at any time that Time in Grade comes up.

·         Points are reset after a promotion, although any remaining points may be applied to the next promotion

·         Exceptions to TIG, two promotion limit and points are allowed only with a unanimous vote from the command staff (CO, XO, Second Officer).


All new members will start with the rank of Crewman for adults and Cadet for persons under sixteen (16) years of age. This section is subject to the discretion of the Commanding Officer and the Command Staff. Persons transferring from another chapter may keep their present rank upon verification of that rank.


No new crewmember will be promoted to Officer’s rank (Ensign) without taking OTS. No crewmember may serve on the Command Staff without having taken OCC. Special ranks i.e. Sergeant Major, Master Chief Petty Officer, Warrant Officer, and Midshipman are approved by the Commanding Officer.


Cadets that are exceptional in their duty may be given a brevet rank. This shall be noted as an “Acting” rank. Example: “Acting Ensign”. These officers shall be accorded the same privileges as normal officers.




The governing body of the Revelation shall be the command staff consisting of the CO, XO, and the Second Officer. The command staff will adopt and enforce the policies set forth by the crew and this publication. The Commanding Officer shall be the final authority in the interpretation of this Constitution and of the policies and procedures of the chapter. The command staff also reviews and grants promotions to the crew.


The Senior staff is appointed by the Commanding Officer, Revelation, as needed and consists of the following: 

·         Executive Officer USS Revelation

·         Second Officer, USS Revelation

·         Chief of Operations, USS Revelation

In addition, the Senior Staff will consist of at least two, but not more than three of the following:

·         Chief of Security, USS Revelation

·         Marine Commander, USS Revelation

·         Chief Medical Officer, USS Revelation

·         Chief Science Officer, USS Revelation

·         Chief of Special Operations, USS Revelation

·         Chief Engineer, USS Revelation

·         Ship’s Counselor, USS Revelation

 The function of the senior staff shall be to oversee all operational activities of the chapter as well as the process of formulating and developing policies, which are subsequently subject for approval from the crew. Should a member of the senior staff become incapacitated or otherwise be unable to perform his/her duties, the CO shall appoint a replacement for the staff member. Any changes to the Senior Staff, including new appointments must be announced to the crew in writing and recorded on the chapter website.

If any member of the senior staff holds more than one position that is part of the senior staff, the CO may appoint an additional department chief to the senior staff so that the total number of Senior Staff members does not total less than five (5) and no more than six (6) individuals.




All Revelation Officers described within Article 4 Sections. 3-8 inclusive shall be at least 21 years of age unless otherwise specified. This is due to legal and financial considerations.


Department Chiefs are appointed by the CO. This appointment is a reflection of that individual's length of service, as well as their service merit to the Revelation, and STARFLEET. The primary duty of the Chief is to represent his/her Department to the Chapter, and the Command Staff specifically. The department head is responsible for administering and implementing chapter policies as set forth by the senior staff. Department Chiefs are required to make a monthly report to the Executive Officer, whether it is verbal or written, and to account for their departments activities during the monthly chapter meetings. Department Chiefs are also required to submit at least four (4) articles per year to the chapter newsletter. In addition, all department chiefs are STRONGLY urged to report to their respective Regional RDC.


The Marine Commandant reports directly to the CO and is responsible for maintaining the Marines' records and their functions. The Marine CO is also to act in conjunction with the Security department on an as needed basis.


The Chief of Security reports to the CO and is responsible for security and assembling competent security teams at all functions. The CoS’s authority extends only so far as what is allowed by the law of the United States.


The Chief of Operations reports directly to the CO, and is responsible for the daily activities of the chapter, to include organizing fundraisers, activities and charitable causes. Furthermore, the Chief of Ops shall be available to the crew to assist them with any questions concerning the Revelation's crew manual. He/she is also charged with providing an updated list of ship's personnel to the command staff. The Operations Officer shall be available to assist with any election, vote of confidence or organized ballot so long as he or she is not a candidate. 


The Second Officer reports directly to the CO and the crew, and is responsible for making administrative policies in conjunction with the command staff. The second officer also has a say in the promotion of any member within the chapter. The Second Officer of the chapter must be at least 21 years of age, and must meet all other qualifications for the office as set forth in the crew handbook.

SECTION 7:         

The Executive Officer reports directly to the crew and the CO, and is responsible for making sure the daily operations of the chapter are accomplished in a timely manner. He/she is also responsible for the well being of the crew and to ensure that their needs are met. The first officer acts for the CO as Commanding Officer, Revelation, in his/her absence or disability from office. The XO of the chapter must be at least 21 years of age, and must meet all other qualifications for the office as set forth in the crew handbook.


The Commanding Officer shall be elected by the members of the Revelation, and shall serve as Chairman of the Command Staff. He/she answers directly to the crew and is responsible for coordinating the activities of the entire chapter as provided in the crew handbook. The CO must be at least 21 years of age, and must meet all other requirements for office as set forth by the STARFLEET Membership handbook.




If at any time the Commanding Officer, USS Revelation neglects his/her duties as set forth within this constitution and the crew handbook, or if the CO causes harm to come to the reputation and stature of the chapter by any of his/her personal actions, the crew may initiate the procedure of impeachment as set forth in this document. During this procedure the CO shall be allowed to defend his/her actions to the general membership. The CO shall be allowed to choose his/her own defense counsel during the procedure, except the XO or the Second Officer.

The Judge Advocate General shall act as the advocate for the crew during this proceeding. Any or all of the proceedings may be taped to prevent potential defaming material from being released.

The Inspector General shall act as judge in this matter and shall conduct any investigations required.

After a full and fair review of the charges brought against the CO, if two-thirds (2/3) of the crew vote in favor of removal of the CO, then the CO shall be ordered to resign within 30 days or any lesser time period set forth by the senior staff. If the CO fails to comply, he/she will be removed from office and the Executive Officer shall become the new CO.

The former CO is expected to release all documents, funds, files or chapter materials within 30 days upon vacation of office. If this is not accomplished the chapter has the ability and right to pursue legal action in accord to the laws of the United States of America.


Any member of the Revelation shall have the right to petition the CO or the IG for removal of a member of the command staff if based upon the CS member's lack of performance of official duties. No member may petition for removal of another member if that petition is based upon a personal dispute the petitioning member has. If this is proven to be the case, then the original petitioning member shall be held liable and will face disciplinary action.

Upon investigation by the IG, if the CS member is found to be remiss in his/her duties, then the CS member will be removed from that position effective at a date determined by the CO. The CS member shall have the opportunity to be represented by the Judge Advocate General, if he/she so desires.

 Should the command staff member file an appeal to the CO, the reasons for removal shall be reviewed by the CO, whose judgment in this manner is final.

A member of the command staff may be replaced by the CO if there is significant evidence of dereliction of duty. The CO may appoint another crew member to assume the duties of the command staff position.


A member of the senior staff may be replaced by the CO if there is significant evidence of dereliction of duty. The CO may appoint another crew member to assume the duties of the senior staff position.


The entire crew must be present and vote on the removal of a member from the chapter. Involuntary revocation of membership in the chapter may be made only upon the recommendation of the disciplinary Committee and will require a two-thirds (2/3) majority to remove any member from the chapter. All said members are to be given a fair trial, and are considered innocent until proven guilty. All rules and official channels as set forth by the STARFLEET Membership Handbook will be followed.




The fiscal year for the Revelation shall commence on January 1 and terminate on December 31 of each calendar year. All transactions shall be conducted in United States currency.


The command staff shall install and maintain accountancy for funds or donations collected by the membership. Financial statements are to be published in the monthly newsletter if there are any funds in the treasury.


The USS Revelation is a non-profit organization. No members of whatever classification have any right to the property and assets of the chapter. Funds belonging to the Revelation, except to pay current expenses shall be placed in an interest bearing account if applicable. Furthermore, no one individual may disperse funds from the account.


All money for this chapter shall be held and used solely for the chapter's benefit or for the charity for which it was intended. No funds shall be dispersed to members unless they can show receipt of a purchase made for the chapter.


All disbursements shall have recorded, for placement in the next newsletter, the date, payee, type of service needed and amount of payment.


In the event that the Revelation should be dissolved or cease operation, the property and assets of the chapter shall first he used to pay all outstanding debts, with any remaining assets being donated on behalf of the crew to a charity, selected by the command staff.




The Commanding Officer shall serve one year terms and shall stand for a VOC every year to be concluded by the date of July 1. Should more than 10% of the Active Duty members, above age 16, vote “no confidence” the Inspector General or designated substitute shall call for an election following the time table in Section 6 of the Article.

Should an election be held, the commanding officer of the chapter shall take office on January 1 of each year following the crew general election. The office shall be filled by the candidate that receives the plurality of votes cast by the chapter membership. There shall no limit to the number of terms possible to be served in the office of Commanding Officer by any one person. The CO serves at the leisure of the crew.


Unless the Inspector General is an announced candidate for CO, he/she shall be responsible for coordinating all election activities for chapter President/CO. Should the Inspector General be such a candidate, the JAG assumes the responsibility of coordinating the election process.


To be eligible for the chapters President/CO position all candidates must meet the following criteria: be at least 21 years of age, completed OTS, and OCC. Moreover, the candidate must meet all requirements set forth by the STARFLEET Membership handbook.


Should the current CO resign during his or her term, the IG will declare an election cycle to be concluded within no more than 90 days from the resignation of the CO. The time table in section 6 of this article can be condensed at the discretion of the IG.

If only one candidate pursues the office of chapter President/CO, a vote of confidence for that candidate shall be held by the crew. If said candidate fails to get a majority vote in the vote of confidence, the current XO will assume command until an emergency election can be held and a suitable candidate can be found.

If two or more candidates pursue the office of Chapter President/CO and neither receive a majority vote or the election ends in a tie, the election will be declared void and the current XO will assume command until another emergency election can be held to be completed within no more than 30 days of the voiding of the election.


An out-going President must release all material connected with the chapter to the new President on or before January 31 of the election year or within 30 days of leaving office, whichever comes first.


Time table:

·         Yearly vote of confidence May 30- June 30

·         Results of VOC announced July 1.

If needed:

·         Open for nominations July 1- July 15

·         Nomination must be accepted by nominee by no later than midnight July 31

·         Candidates announced August 1

·         Open campaigning August 1 - September 15

·         Ballots Distributed September 15

·         Ballots must be returned by midnight October 31

·         Election results announced at the Awards Banquet in November, not to be announced any later than December 1

·         Change of command ceremony at Awards Banquet

·         New CO assumes Command on January 1


Election Rules:

·         Elections shall be conducted by an Election Coordinator: IG, JAG or other Active Duty member designated by the Command Staff by a 2/3 majority vote. Serving Command Staff members, Candidates and their family members are ineligible to serve as Election Coordinator.

·         All nominees must be nominated by at least two (2) Active Duty members of the Revelation

·         Nominees may nominate themselves

·         Nominees may not be nominated by more than one (1) member of their immediate family

·         Nominees must have a valid Starfleet membership or proof must be shown that the membership has been sent for

·         Nominees must have required SFA degrees (OTS, OCC) by July 31 to be eligible to run.

·         Nominations must be written and presented to the Election Coordinator by US Mail or e-mail. Nominations will be taken orally at meetings only.

·         All nominations will be posted by the Election Coordinator to the main Revelation list serve. All nominees must be notified in writing by the Election Coordinator via US Mail or e-mail. Acceptance of nominations must be in written form via US Mail or e-mail.

·         Any misconduct by nominees or their respective supporters that is aimed at slandering or discrediting their opponents will not be tolerated and will result in immediate suspension of election for disciplinary action. Election process will remain on hold until said matter can be resolved.

·         Ballots will be hand-delivered, sent out by US Mail or delivered by e-mail at the decision of the Election Coordinator.

·         Absentee ballots will be accepted as per election coordinator’s discretion.

·         In the event that the current CO is re-elected, a re-swearing in ceremony will replace the change of command ceremony at the banquet. If the Current CO passes a VOC, no re-swearing in will be conducted.

·         No two members of the same family may serve on the Command Staff (Service on the senior staff is allowed).



 There shall be no assessments to the crew of the USS Revelation. However, STARFLEET membership is required.



 This Constitution may be amended, repealed or superseded either in whole or in part by a two-third (2/3) majority vote of the crew.



 The crew of the USS Revelation shall be empowered to adopt manuals of Operations information and procedure to assist in the governing and administration of the chapter, subject to approval of the entire crew. These manuals may be revised as necessary, subject to the author's approval.



 The Disciplinary committee shall consist of no less than five members of the Senior Staff and crew as chosen by the Commanding Officer. The IG shall oversee all disciplinary actions, and shall make recommendations to the CO on all judgments. Any member brought before the Disciplinary Committee shall have the right to be represented by the Judge Advocate General.